What is Memphis City?

We are a professional men’s soccer club which:
* Competes in the National Premiere Soccer League (NPSL)
* Plays SouthEast Conference (West Division)
* Is the HIGHEST level of men’s soccer in the Mid-South



  • We are professionally managed but a semi-pro team which competes in a league where the vast majority are amateurs; college, pro/former pro, and high school players.
  • The NPSL is recognized by the Unites States Soccer Federation (USSF) as level 4.  They are the last stop before players enter the professional ranks (USL. NASL, & MLS).  MLS is the top, followed by the NASL, then USL and finally the NPSL and PDL are are the 4th division.  However, there is quite a bit of activity happening in the pyramid and  there may be some changes in the near future.


  • We are in the SouthEast Conference in the West Division (similar to the way the SEC operates with East and West).  Our West Conference competitors are:
    New Orleans
    This season we will also play 2 East teams which will be Knoxville, TN and Asheville, NC.
  • We started playing in 2016 – this past summer – and we made it to the Conference Finals which was a huge accomplishment for any 1st year team.
  • Our matches for 2017 will be at Christian Brothers High School.
  • For the NPSL its just in the summer.  We’ll start training once colleges are out for vacation and then play through the summer.  The regular season will kick-off around early May and if we do well and go to the post season then we’ll end in July.
    However, we started a 2nd Team this year mainly geared towards locals and they will compete on a longer basis in local leagues and be called upon for scrimmages.  Some players from that 2nd team will be called up for play with the 1st team at the NPSL.
  • Please visit our Tryouts page for details.


We will dramatically push the Memphis area soccer footprint on the national and international stage.  In order to accomplish this, we work with people who share this vision – players, coaches, fans, sponsors, business leaders, etc…  MCFC’s focus is to breakdown current walls, identify passionate people who live for the game, and build a true soccer culture of success in Memphis.



  • Name – derived from Manchester City

  • Colors – AS Roma & personal preferences

  • Notable – Pyramids represent Memphis, Egypt

    We wanted something a bit different.  Orange is not a color that is used very often.  Many teams use a blue, green, etc… we wanted something that stood out and was a little more unpredictable – which is what we want on the pitch.

  • Ownership:
    DD Sports Holdings LLC
    PO Box 474
    Rossville, TN  38066
    For-Profit LLC